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Caring for Kids and Families

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Caring For Kids & Families…

In my years of caring for children, teens, and families, I have learned that the importance of creating open, trusting, and collaborative relationships with each individual cannot be underestimated . Sometimes kids ask for help; sometimes their parents ask for them. In either case, both you and your child should feel comfortable with me and have confidence that I will apply my clinical and developmental knowledge and therapeutic skills to identify and relieve symptoms, facilitate healthy change, and help resolve conflicts.

I have helped children and families learn to manage complex symptoms and difficulties related to anxiety, depression, developmental and learning delays, medical conditions, as well as adjustment to family change or loss. I emphasize a solution-focused, family-centered approach to help my clients attain greater levels of comfort, coping, and growth. Though individual concerns vary widely, goals always include the development of pragmatic tools and skills necessary for feeling well and maintaining healthy family and social relationships. In all cases, parents and children actively engage in the process of identifying resources and enacting the strategies necessary to sustain the desired changes.

Parents as Partners…

In my practice, parents are necessary and active participants and collaborators in each child's therapy. While I have expertise in the psychology of children, adolescents, and human development, you are the greatest expert on your own child, and your child upon his or her own thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Through our initial consultations we will enhance our understanding of the difficulties and design individualized and effective tools and interventions to help your child feel better as soon as possible.

The Art & Science of
Child and Family Psychotherapy
A Guide to the Therapeutic Process
Mary Susan Sams, Psy.D.
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Children, Teens, and Families
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